Katalin Domoszlay, born in Budapest, Hungary, attended the School of Design in Budapest. At age 21 she moved to the United States where she earned her Masters of Interior Design, Masters of Architecture from the College of Architecture and Planning, University of Colorado, Denver. After graduation Katalin moved to Aspen in 1990 to start her career in architecture. She started her own business in 1998, Domo Architecture and Interiors. Her focus is assisting clients in the initial phases of the architectural design process while helping define the essence and feeling of their home.

From early childhood painting and drawing has been and continues to be a very important part of Katalin's life. Her current artwork is an exploration of shapes in landscapes and the landscape of the human form through, drawing, painting and sculptural clay work.

"Painting is one of the best ways for me to connect and to be one with the world, I learn about my self as much as I learn about the world around me."